Cat Walk

Nets is a catwalk model. The samba is in the blood. The samba is a rhythm, the samba is a method and a game. Many walk the runway but few master the cat walk.
Nets strikes the rhythm on a cowbell at Carnival. On the catwalk she sways to the dictat.

She is Experienced

The modelling work has endured for Netsfmodel. An extended career extensive in temporal and geographical terms. Her ancestry is of Sierra Leone, her upbringing is London East End but her fashion career has increased the radius of her orbit. Her base has been Cornwall. Her base has been Canada. She has worked in Norway. She has appeared in TV advertising in North Europe.


The Far East and oriental culture inform her modelling work and she consciously infuses aspects of Eastern cultures in her work. The influence works at an iconographic level. She has caused a stir in the world of far eastern modelling by pitching photoshoots to that market which were designed to reflect the cultural norms of that culture. She has a penchant for dressing in Japanese and Chinese garments.

Not your average Jo

Monochrome she is not. Mono no no. She has branched out lately into model mentoring. She has branched into outerwear design. To understand it you would need a spider diagram.

Summum bonum

In summary, Nets steers a straight and true course, putting back into her work what she takes out. Based in the reclaimed terrain of the Olympic village, she is environmentally aware. Her conscience is green and clean. But for all the idealism, as Prince Hamlet would say, “she knows a hawk from a handsaw.” A clear-sighted dreamer, the ambitious realist.