The Long Anticipated Spring Summer T-Shirt Collection Diffusion Line of
Tees By Nets F-Model 
F-Modelle Tees Created to lnspire ln Aid of Sickle Cell Anaemia Are Set to
Be Launched This Year At the Model’s S/S’ 15 Charity Fashion Show
Fundraiser ln Conjunction With The Sickle Cell Society via UCLH’s Lukaemia
and Lymphoma Unit @LALU Who Are Based In the New Cancer Centre Which Was Built In 2012
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The Charity’s Spokes Patron ls Julian Rhind-Tutt 

Excerpted from LALU ‘s Twitter Postdate Feb 18 Taken At the 2013 London Bridgathon

Funds for the Charity Unit’s Sickle Cell Fund Will Also Be Raised Via

Interview /Perspective
The To Be Later Auctioned T-SHIRT COLLECTION 


Designed With Today’s Teen Models ln Mind” Said the Model and Designer and Apparently Took Her Back to Her Own Personal
Teen Modeling Days.. She Added

“There Were a Number of Reasons Why This Particular Collection ls Quite
Personal to Me As Well As For the First Time Launching a Women’s and Teens Collection
of Soft Seperate Tees..the Title of the Collection l Knew Was
Representative of What Was Happening During That Particular Era of Modeling
That l Happened to Be a Part of At That Particular Point ln Time – Though
Yet That Mood of My Time Can Easily Be Adapted to Today’s Punchy-ness of
Teen High Society Today. Modeling and Model Shoots Always Tell a Story and Have a Story Behind Them and Modeling Also Equals Mood. Another Main Reason for Why It Is lmportant for the T-shirt Charity Show Pr to Demonstrate the Link Between How I Model Mentor to Exercise Mood lncluding the Mood of People w/ Red Cell Disorders So For the Main PR the Hashtag Has to Be: ‘WHICH.FACE.DO.YOU.WANT? Today?’ Let’s #dosomething – and THIS ls Exactly What l Want For the Tees to Exude Through This Collection”

Extra Fundraising Ideas To Further Aid Uch’s Further Development lnto the Red Cell Disorder Sickle Cell That the Model and Designer has lnvolve a T-shirt Exhibit to Help Raise Awareness and Funds for Sickle cell:

New Exhibit for NFP /FP CHARITY TEES:

“The Modern Day Lepers to Society”

The Concept: To Bring Each and Every Personal Hospital /Public-Sector
Experience to the Forefront ln A Greatly Positive Way Via Speaking
Subliminal Messages Through T-Shirts
…Although w/ the Aim to Consistently Continue to lnspire Sufferers “

The lnitial Meeting for the Fashion Show Took Place On the 20th March ’14 and The Date for the First Main Meeting Took Place On Thursday 3rd April ’14 Where ldeas Merged to Gradually Bring Things Together 

For Further lnfo On the Model-T-shirt Designer’s Show ln Aid Of The Sickle Cell Society 
Contact the Model’s Arts Co-ordinator Mr Steve Roper at : 

(emails 10am-5pm office hours)

Or Perhaps lf You Feel Like Learning More About the Work Of the Lukaemia and Lymphoma Unit’s Fund For the Sickle Cell Society Contact Sara Goldman, Fundraiser 
The Leukaemia & Lymphoma Unit, UCLH Charity 
1st Floor Central, 250 Euston Road,London, NW1 2PG 
and Follow This Amazing Charity’s Tweets Here :

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