Another Beautiful Eve

Well Last Night Saw Another Beautiful Eve At The RoofTop Gardens  
ln Celebration of a Well-known Uk-based Fashion Photographer

Event Organizer :: Mr Duccio Zambrini for ASW and

The Venue

The Venue Owned By Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Team, to Some, ls also known as the Kensington RoofTop Gardens Since the Venue Houses a RoofTop Garden ..An lncredible Array of Landscaped Design!

Top Tip.. lf You Ever Happen to Be Just Visiting London and Searching for a Unique Experience During the Day..the RoofTop’s Famous Pink Flamingo ls a Definate One Not to Miss!

The Babylon Restaurant lnspired By Babylonia Features a Stunning Selection of Amazonian Palms, A Mini-waterfall, Plants a Complete Exotic Experience

Encounter a Unique Dining Experience Where You Are Served By a Dining Team Who Offer An Additional Array of Hospitality That ls ln Addition a First -Class Experience w/ Many of Your Needs Catered For and As You End Your Meal Why Not Venture One Level Down to the Garden Club to Continue Your Celebration Whatever the Occasion!

For An Unforgettable Experience ln World First-Class Socialising and Dining 

If You’d Like to Find Out When The Gardens Are Open to Visit, Feel Free to Contact The Roof Gardens Team On:
The Babylon Restaurant Are Reachable Here :: Babylon Restaurant:
If You’d Like to Dine at Babylon Restaurant, Contact the Team On: 

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