London’s ACE HOTEL

The Time of Year :: A/W Feb 2014 Which Some Time Earlier Had Seen The Launch Of An lncredible Concept/Hotel and Bar :: ACEHOTEL ln LDN..

As You Enter the Relaxed Scene Of the Lounge Of the ACE Hotel.. You Are Welcomed By An Equally Warm and Relaxed Team..Who’d Taken the Time Out to Show Me Around and Explained to Me Just How the Concept Had Come About..
Well..That’s Providing You Cast Your Mind to the Pacific North West That ls.. (Smiling)..

Portland US to Be Exact.
As Tradition Has lt..the ACE Hotel’s Roots Traditionally Hailed From the Portland, Oregan  Region  Which Had Been Built to Take Over a Previous Hotel Venue

The Main VENUE

l Learned From the Staff That the Venue Has Always Both Hosted and Continues to Support the Work of Talent Artists Plus Not Just Art But the Hotel Also Merges With a Wide Array Of Apparel and lnteriors Companies to Supply the Hotel’s Global Guests With These Supplier’s Merchandise..An Amazingly Cool Concept Wouldn’t You Agree?..


At ACEHotel Everything Appears to Have Been Thought Through With Ease and With a Particular Emphasis On Supporting Those That Are Creative and All Things Creativity.

Upon My Visit l Saw a Number of Great Brands On Show Supporting the ACEHotel’s Concept..

So Next Time You Are Visiting London ..Perhaps for Another FW, Or Perhaps You Are Actually Already Based Here ln the City But Looking for a Great Alternative to Working from Home for a While..

With a Great WlFl Zone Or Simply Seeking a Great Place to Stay With Creativity Why Not Wonder’s Totally ♠

For Further lnfo HIT :: ACEHOTELS.COM
Or You Can Connect Them On Twitter @ACEHOTELLDN